On a random afternoon…

The afternoon seemed intense. A journey had to be taken in a few hours. I was breathing in the beauty of nature from the backyard of our house, sitting underneath the shelter that protected me from the sun but gave me a panorama of our backyard and the foliage in the other houses. Uneven terrains in Trivandrum made houses to be on different layers. It’s almost like I was on a raised amphitheatre seating and other houses and gardens were showcased on the stage below, for me to view and enjoy. Old Malayalam songs from radio played in the background from one of the houses. I could hear the cheerful and animated voices of kids playing in the compound nearby. The sparkle of the afternoon sun on the green leaves was different from normal.  Coconut palms, pepper vine climbing on them, banana plants with one of them proudly exhibiting a raw green banana bunch, sprawling mango tree which almost covered the neighbouring terrace, giant jackfruit tree, a fully adorned papaya tree, a few hibiscus in full bloom, red chilly plants, thulsi shrubs…. A wind blew….the leaves shook and swayed gently in unison as if they were acknowledging my appreciation and my eyes gleamed as goose-flesh spread all over me.


I realized it’s difficult to move away from things you love and the place you love. This has been the story for long. The emotional inertia pulled me back and when I actually moved, I would prefer to stay in the latter space. It was a strange sense of melancholy that hit whenever I had to leave. Leaving was difficult and arriving was sweet.  The clouding of the mind was what brought me to paper in the hope that the written word would give me solace. I wasn’t wrong. On this ecstatic afternoon, in the bosom of nature, some intelligence filled me with the knowledge that life has been always so! It has been a constant journey and it will continue thus. We stopped at some places, relished the beauty and then moved on and when we really desire, we do come back to the space, but to create more cherishing moments.  After all, what experience would life be, if we were to remain at the same spot forever!!

I prepared my mind and my bag, to take the journey, feeling thankful for what had been and, encouraged to return for scripting more beautiful stories…




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