My Numero Uno.

I waited three days before I penned this down; a conscious restraint exercised before I write about Roger Federer in this social forum, for a third time in three months! I even doubted if I should write this. But, it would be unforgivably wrong if I don’t do it when he has become the World No. 1 in Men’s Tennis after a gap of six long years, while he is still holding the record for maximum no. of weeks at the position and the fact that he is 36 years of age. And especially when, he remains the reason for my foray back into the world of blogging and to the pursuit of writing.

So, here comes the exuberant overflowing of praises ( which, nonetheless, are unembellished facts)….. 🙂

It was absolutely surreal to watch the Rotterdam ATP Tournament Association conducting a ceremonious coronation of the World No. 1 after only a Quarter Final Match and even before the ATP rankings were officially out. There were no two ways about it;  it was done only because it was Roger Federer who was being hailed the new King and he simply deserves nothing lesser.


Congratulations to this elegant, seductive, regal human being for scaling the peaks of his career by pure will, persistence and hard work.

His unswerving devotion to his sport continues and re-writing of  history has almost become a personal habit for him! Made me think of making a humble try to decode his fine- tuned champion mind-set which has been about striving for excellence from Day 1. I remember his words from a television interview (may be from early 2000s), right after he clinched one of his 20 Grand slam titles; it was about dominating the sport. Years hence, he still uses the same language and the same key success words which speak volumes about the consistency in his mental and physical practice and in the fiery pursuit that lifted him past the 5 year yawning career gap without a major! And to where has it landed him! A plush throne of 20 Grand Slams and a record World No. 1 Title and still counting. On another occasion, what he spoke was about how his rivals at the sport were like an extended family to himself and his kids. Words like that could be minced but supporting it with evident earnestness in eyes could  happen solely through genuine emotional integrity. A tranquil mind which never takes any of the decorative wins to the head could be one key secret for his reign in the World of Tennis and Sport for over a decade. On being asked what he thinks about his ridiculously superlative successes, he replied with the usual unassuming charm “Sometimes I think its great.. all the achievements. Then other times, it is just Tennis!”. However, according to me, he has transcended it long back. It’s not just Tennis anymore…..!

And Roger, then I see your tweet on your page and I realize there isn’t any more deciphering required ! Your words after climbing the pinnacle sum up your passion and the reason for your phenomenal success in two sentences….“It’s been a long road, and sometimes windy, but feels surreal to be back at the top. I’m just happy to be healthy and playing tennis every day.”

You will remain my Numero Uno, Roger, regardless of how long you remain the Number One in World Tennis! 🙂

Heartiest Congratulations again, Champion!





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