It’s everywhere. The images. A child beseeching for life. A father running, holding his wailing baby to protect her from being killed. A young girl sacrificing her oxygen for her infant sister to remain alive. Crushed and crumpled bodies. Destruction.


It is a common name now. A word to say and forget!! Because we come across it everyday. Sad that, We, the human race, have become so insensitive to pain and agony.

My responses vary to this massacre which is happening, in the name of war, in the same world that I live in. Sometimes it is a feeling of shame that I am living in the luxury of peace and freedom when a large part of my race is fighting for survival. Sometimes it is relief that it is safer in my part of the world. (For how long ..we do not know). Then, it is pain… a helpless sort of pain which originates from the compassion hidden somewhere deep within and tears flowing down having to look at the eyes of the innocent little infants who are clamouring for a breath of life. The eyes which are betrayed and abused…..the childhood taken away. The helplessness of parents, of failing to provide the basic necessity of security to the lives they brought to this earth with a promise of creating them a beautiful universe. Youth whose voices are hushed, literally!…

and finally, it is shock. These world leaders who lead the fighting, are they blind to these pictures? Where do they store away their sensitivities when they make an order to fire?! Wouldn’t they be unsettled in living? Wouldn’t they feel responsible for the deaths of innocent human beings?

I find no answers. Not from outside, not from inside. All what I know is, the right to live, the right of existence cannot be taken away, no matter where they belong and to whichever race.

I wish blindly, with my intelligence kept aside, for divine incarnations to happen. For miracles to happen. In the frantic hope for a peaceful world with smiling faces.

But, I pray, we realize soon enough that the incarnation is each one of us, donning the role of a messenger and the miracle is our collective consciousness!

I Pray For Syria.





  1. This world has become desensitized to the horrors taking place in this world. I see pictures like this one and tears come to my eyes. No once cares or so it seems. I do! I pray for Peace and I live Peace each and every day! I no longer recognize the horror that this world has become or the people who call themselves human. Bless you for having a Heart. 🙏🏼

    1. Thank You for sharing those words. It is a relief to know there are more people in the world who believe in peace and harmony. God Bless You.. 🙂

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